anew psychotherapy chicago

for your personal life

Are you hurting or feeling unhappy because of problems in your personal life? You can start today anew with individualized psychotherapy for your personal life. We help people with a wide array of personal difficulties, examples of which you can find by clicking on the links in the blue sidebar. ANEW offers individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, premarital counseling, and parent counseling, depending upon the nature of the problems for which you want help.

Perhaps you want relief from feelings of anxiety, or want to learn how to better manage stress. Perhaps you would like to develop increased self-confidence and effectiveness, and a greater sense of optimism about fulfilling your goals and heart's desires. Perhaps you are struggling in knowing how to improve your romantic life or certain family relationships. Perhaps there are behaviors or lifestyle habits you would like to change to increase your emotional and physical well-being.

We are interested in hearing about the specific difficulties you would like help in overcoming. We provide responsive, knowledgeable individualized psychotherapy dedicated to helping you with your feelings and behaviors on a practical, tangible level, and simultaneously, with the sources underlying the difficulties on a deeper level. This dual focus goes beyond correcting cognition (thoughts, beliefs and understanding), and aims to improve your ongoing inner happiness and feelings about yourself and others; as such, change is intended to be deep and long-lasting.

Our overall aim is to help you improve your feelings, behavior, and relationships by strengthening your natural, inner foundation of pleasurable emotional well-being, which includes experiencing yourself as an effective, valuable, worthy, lovable and loving person. The help you get will aim to bring about changes in how you support, treat, and care for yourself, addressing feelings and behaviors that are holding you back or undermining your overall happiness and well-being. Since how well you treat and care for yourself influences how you want to be treated by others, as well as how you treat and care for others, we will help you make changes in your relationship patterns that you can apply to both your personal and professional life.

Start today anew with individualized psychotherapy for your personal life. Get expert care to help you identify, engage, follow through with, and sustain your best, truest, most genuine self-caretaking intentions. Begin, in ways, to experience yourself anew – feeling and becoming more fully the person you want to be.
Start today anew to make your personal and professional life more satisfying. Arrange a complimentary phone consultation to learn more about our services.