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Are you a professional who wants to improve your work life? You can start today anew with individualized psychotherapy for your professional life. We help people with a wide array of professional difficulties, examples of which you can find by clicking on the links in the blue sidebar.

Perhaps you would like to feel more optimistic about achieving your professional goals in balance with fulfilling your heart's desires. Perhaps you want to accomplish more in less time at work as one way to improve your work-life balance. Maybe you would like to become more confident and effective in managing challenging supervisees and team conflict, in providing leadership through decision making, or take better care of yourself with your own supervisor. Perhaps you want to learn how to better manage stress and develop resilience. We are interested in hearing about the nature of the difficulties you are encountering. We are here to help support you in creating the happiness and success for which you are reaching.

The January/February 2012 cover of Harvard Business Review featured a report on research by Shawn Achor describing findings some in professional circles have found surprising, entitled, “The Value of Happiness: How Employee Well-being Drives Profits.”
“...most of us have the secret to success backwards. It is NOT that success will lead to happiness, but with documented studies at KPMG and Pfizer, Shawn explains how happiness precedes success. Shawn found that happy employees are more productive, more creative, and better at problem solving than their unhappy peers (quoted from”
This is not surprising news to us. That is why we aim to help professionals experience themselves as valuable, effective individuals. We work on helping them increasingly develop a foundation of inner happiness that supports them to more consistently: take good care of themselves, be connected to their genuine feelings, to have minds of their own to which they listen in making choices, decisions, and judgments related to themselves, others and their organizations, and to engage constructively with others.

At ANEW, helping professionals increase their inner happiness does not equate to a simplistic practice of engaging in positive thinking. In our view, adopting a positive attitude toward everything is not the answer either. In fact, contending with negative feelings and experiences, such as in facing problems early on and addressing them, while uncomfortable, frequently leads to better outcomes in the long run. When problems are pushed aside, they might seem to disappear, but in reality, often continue on unrecognized, getting worse until the point at which they erupt. We help professionals harness the inner strength to recognize losses from the outset - rather than ignore them, and to respond to losses constructively - rather than destructively.

We are frequently asked by professionals during the course of their therapy to help them find ways to make it possible to enjoy their personal lives more fully. You can read an article by the Director and Founder of ANEW, Dr. Patricia Walker, to learn more about how we might be able to help you Create a Better Work-Life Balance and Enjoy a Happier Life.

Start today anew with individualized psychotherapy for your professional life. Get expert care to help you identify, engage, follow through with, and sustain your best, truest, most genuine self-caretaking intentions. Begin, in ways, to experience yourself anew – feeling and becoming more fully the person and professional you want to be.
Start today anew to make your personal and professional life more satisfying. Arrange a complimentary phone consultation to learn more about our services.